My Fate

So here I am, confined to my fate.
If I were not a Jew, my life would be great.
Playing in the park, up until dark.
Going to a movie, might see something groovy.
I will be watching, those silly games you play.
While Dussel will forget, with every passing day.
We will tell him rules, to keep ourselves hidden.
But one little slip, will make us be forbidden.
For here we are, quiet as a mouse.
Oh how I wish, we had our own house.
But people are watching, waiting to see.
If we get caught, they can't catch me.
To play it safe, we wait here.
Listening carefully, with our trained ear.
We listen for sounds, of people below.
Making our movements, careful and slow.
The people working, will turn us in.
While they are on, their cotton gin.
We will go, to a camp far from here.
To work on nothing, but our own fear.
That is why we wait, quiet as a mouse.
We might even someday, get a new house.
Once this is over, we will be free.
Free from confinement, that my fate sent to me.

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