My Fathers Soul

I just wish someone was there for you
To hold your hand and tell you everything will be all right
The pain you must have felt, so strong to end your life
The loneliness you must have felt, the torturing pain of your sickness
To die alone, a lonely death
A death of a tired soul
To hold your hand as you went, would have been an honor
You have given me so much and have made me so strong
Your loss is my cautionary tale
A tale of the toll a sickened mind can have on a soul
I have felt the pain you have
I have defeated it many times
But the curse of this life we have is that it is relentless
Always trying to pull us under, trying to break us down
To be by you in the last seconds of your life
It would give me peace
For you to know I will never let it take me
It doesn’t stand a chance
All the light you had left was given to me
To make me strong
To save my life.

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