My Fault

Just one question,it's all I need to know,
Tell me one thing,then I'll let you go.
I need to know what I did that was so wrong,
What made you so unable to go and carry on?
One day it was love and heavenly bliss,
The next was war and destruction-what made you do this?
I thought this was it,I thought you were the one,
I thought my searching around was finally over and done.
You said,"Please don't hate me,"but that's just it,
It would be easier if I did,but its just the oppisite.
All I ever wanted was just one single chance,
But now I know I'll never get that-what an unfortunate circumstance.
Was it my actions or my manner,or a case of lost beauty,
Was it my background,or my wealth or was it simply me?
That's all I need to know,please just tell me why,
Why the words you say to me insist on making me cry.
Just tell me what I need,then I'll leave you be,
Just tell me this one thing...did you ever love me?

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