My Favorite Fantasy

On the Fourth of July, we were holding hands.
Ice Cream in a waffle cone dripping down to the pavement.
Shots fired from a plastic gun to scare the children.
Cool summer air blows by reminding me of isolation.
I look back to every sentence, play, and film where they
say love is in the air.
It is tonight.
The dark sky erupts in bright colorful fires, and the audience gasps in awe.
Your jacket wrapped around us.
Your arms protect me from the dangers of the dark.
Oh, I understand it now.
I’m completely captivated by your eyes.
The butterflies have come to haunt me tonight.
Oh, I understand it now.
The way you move the hair from my eyes.
Oh, I understand it now.
How we spent the night staring into eachothers eyes.
Oh, I understand it now.
My lips against yours.
Oh, I finally understand it now

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