My Favorite Fear

I met a snake in the woods
On a summer day
When I was trying to clear my head
We all know snakes are poisonous
So I turned the other way
But something about his
Was just so captivating
It blocked out the pounding in my head
So I stayed for a while
And began to see the beauty in his iridescent scales
He didn't say much
Wouldn't even tell me his favorite color
But the words he did speak made me feel at home
He slithered over my fingertips
And at first I shivered
But then it quenched my thirst
I sat there with him for a few minutes
And hours
And he reminded me how much I love my smile
I finally drifted asleep
And he slithered up next to me
To keep me warm.
I woke up to him wrapped around my throat
And as he stole the air from my lungs
I whispered the last three words to drip from my lips

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