My favorite noun

Death becomes my favorite noun
When I breathe in a mental breakdown
The words they echo in my skull
Till my world crashes with a lull

I see vision and I see hope
I breathe life with a knotted rope
Shushing the nightmare with a sleep
Then waking up to have a weep

Can you please stay with me at night
The thoughts I think of; I can not fight
They whisper how letting go is fun
And how it'll be painless with a gun

I cuss at them to let me go
But they cherish me as a tale of woe
I want them to stop... stop... please...
But these thoughts relish at unease

Do you know that when I am alone
My chest keeps banging with a sad song
My mind is raided till I fade...
Love, it tells me that I am bad

Bad at the beatings of my frail heart
Bad at knowing my own art
Bad at taking my every breath
Bad at everything except for death

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