My Fear

I have a little secret.
I hope that I can keep it.

You're all looking at me,
And it's not hard to see.

You know my secret!
You're gonna tell everyone!
You won't keep it!
Say I'm no fun!

I try to hide it in my smile,
But I can't, it's reconciled.

I hide my eyes, and hide my face.
I'm such a big disgrace.

You know my secret!
You're gonna tell!
You'll make my life
A living hell!

A walk the halls,
Things to hide.
It's hard to trust, stay by the walls,
They know; now they're at my sides.

They know my secret!
They won't keep it!
They'll post it to the world!
Don't you do it, girl!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
Tumblr, Snapchat, oh damn.

Now all will soon know,
Don't you do tha-- WOAH!

Now the whole world knows my secret!
Britt, I told you to shut your mouth!
I'll never let this go, you ho!
Just leave me alone!

"What's your secret anyways...?"
Someone says;
My eyes beam with glee.
Someone doesn't know my secret, thank the Lord, bless me.

She doesn't know that I have a fear,
Of..., well, didn't ya hear?

Why would I tell you?!
You don't need to know!
Stop asking me questions!
Just leave me alone!

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