My Fears

I remember when I was so young
I remember sharing a room with my two sisters
I remember sharing a bed with both of them
I remember being afraid
afraid of someone coming into our house in the middle of the night
I remember fighting my sisters for the side of the bed
closest to the wall
I remember thinking if I was furthest from the door
id be the last one to go
I remember being afraid of the dark
so I would always leave my door cracked
I remember being afraid to die
as I grew older my fears changed
now my fears consist of much more
my fear is what college I am planning on attending
my fear hat people think about me
my fear is loosing my mom
my fear is getting my heart broken
but then again that's life...
so maybe i'm afraid of living?
as a kid I was afraid of possibilities that were close to none
my dreams consisted of flying monkeys and kingdoms
my eyes were shut close from what the world was fully capable of
I was still so innocent
I wasn't afraid of "LIVING"
my fear, My fear was the fear of loosing it all

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