My felicity : your existence

Describing you is going to be a long list,
I feel so lucky that you exist.
I know I would never lose if you asist ,
Moments spent with you are greatly missed .
Problems come on my way and go because you resist ,
I adore you reason you never left me in the midst.
You held my hand , all my pain dismissed ,
I work hard for my Goals because you are here to insist .
Time goes on but you are like a watch to my wrist ,
If I am hand's fingers you are my only fist .
If I am Amoeba you protect me just like a cyst ,
God is so humble and grateful that we co exist.
Everyday handling annoying me you never get pissed ,
If I am the stupendous novel you are my only gist.
Can we just lost somewhere and fix a midnight tryst ?
Sitting under the sky and enjoying the snow myst .
Healing my wounds uplifting me you always persist ,
Let's end all this and start this story with a new twist.♥️

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