My first friend

By Jrose   

We were in line to the start of first grade
You were behind me and wanted to cry
So i asked if you wanted to trade
Little did we know those few tears would dry

You said you were new
My mom asked yours and she said it was true
But … we didn’t know what that would do

I skipped a year because it was still a
Friendship in need of growth

We’ve gotten close since 2007
We’ve been friends for years i think we made it to 11

You come over to my house
We’ve learned more about each other
You’ve even said you had no siblings so
Mine became your sister and brother

Middle school came
We were still friends distance didn’t get between us
Because you always kept coming to my place

The sixth grade was scary but this was a new year
So we both got through that fear
You did come to the same school as me
We almost had the same classes but never close seats
Yet that still didn’t get between us
Till later on

The end of middle school !!!
… but wait what about all those people we both met on the way ?
Oh those people !
We were all close
Me you and the others but then came a time
We didn’t think would happen
And to let it out it all started with backstabbing lies
That sure did pull us apart
As if i were the board and they threw you as the dart
It hurt...
You were my first longest friend
We learned and forgave
And promised to never let anyone get to us
Nor pull us close to ever again betray

Ahhhh :/
High school
We didn’t go to the same one
Yet everyone said it’ll still be fun
You moved to San Diego
But we still stayed intouch
Sleepovers, hangouts, parties and such
Were where we came together :)
You came to my high school for a short period of time
Even lived behind my house
More memories we made yess dynamite !
Then your family had to leave again
Home sweet Alabama

We’ve made 11 years of a friendship last
You’re back in California where it all begun
Our friendship is strong
We’ve grown a really strong bond
To see what the future brings ?
Nothing new we can’t overcome
But i hope our friendship lasts long
Till you know when the whole world is gone.

A short story to a friend who became a sister

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This Poems Story

This poem basically sums up my friendship with a girl who i have known since the first grade.