My First Love Poem

How sad this night seems to be.
Day after day
I just reminisce
If instead of him it was me.

And i imagine all the love
All the happiness
I wanted to bestow to you
But now seek another
to bestow it to.

I want to write you a love poem.
One where i say how your eyes shine
Brighter than diamonds.
Where i say your smile brought the
Birds to sing.
A love poem so strong,
So passionate,
That if i proposed after you read it
You would have to say yes.

This poem would defeat the rest
Shakespeare's love sonnets would
Sound like insults.
Frank Sinatra would hate meeting
Strangers in the night.
And Elvis Presley would wish he could
Ever find a girl that's like you.

But you and i both know,
You chose to go.
So i guess to you I'll never show,
My first love poem

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