My First Memory

When I was three years old,
A major event took place in history
Why did the two buildings fold?
To me, it was a mystery

I have this memory that is very clear
In my pre-school, it was my first year
I came home from school at close to one
No one in the world could believe what was done

My very first day on the eleventh of September
That it is why it is so easy for me to remember
In school, while I learned each number and letter
The world had changed and not for the better

At Totland College, I was busy learning and making new friends
While in New York City, the timeline of history bends
Though my mom knew I should not be watching the news,
Each station showed the explosions, searching for clues

I saw the planes crashing into the Twin Towers
It was hard to believe what I saw at three years old
Terrorists changed the world in just a few hours
My first memory was seeing the world unfold

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