My first poem- me

A little girl in a big world

Seen too much to forget

Seen enough to make her regret

A little girl she seemed no more

Raised in an atomosphere that was rough

Marked with the bruises and the scars

She walks with her head hung low

Not even raising it to hear the ocean flow

Promises she to one day escape

Play around and mess with fate

Memories of the past continually haunt her

As does her sharp, fake laughter

Wonders why people have for forgotten

The things that made her feel rotten

Did anyone in fact ever care?

Questions like that always made her feel bare

One night she meets a boy

Treated him like a new toy

Shiny, brand-new, made of gold

That is until he got old

Moved on to the next one

Found him a little more fun

Decided she might keep him

Yet keep her emotions inside

How could she forget the past?

Good things aren’t meant to last

Play with fire just to burn

Oh, what a pain to endure

She holds him close to her chest

Playing with his hair while she lets him rest

She thinks about the scary future

How all this may lead to torture

She lets go and walks away

Decides it’s time for no more play

Leave before you lose

Certainly something to muse

The little girl now old

Wishes for the boy she used to hold

Wonders of all the could have been

If she had bothered to remain with him

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