My first Real Kiss*

When i was young and didn't know
though i thought i did
looking for any girl to kiss
but i was only a kid.

during recess i'd run around
young girls i would give chase
squealing as they dashed away
from an innocent peck on the cheek

by the time i was in 6th grade
there were a few i had a crush
like many blooms i picked for them
shyly wilting as they blushed

i guess my pursuit was too exuberant,
eventually giving up my search for that kiss
and as many years passed on by
i became reluctantly remiss.

i watched them grow like roses
different sizes and many colors
then i was the one that became too shy
watching them from around the corner

then in high school, i came out of my shell
but didn't have savvy gab to approach
so i just admired their beautiful forms
wishing that one would get close

a girl that admired me from afar
expressed to me how she felt
i got so excited when we finally kissed
i was too anxious as she could tell

she gently whispered in my ear
to relax and enjoy the moment
i slowed down, our tongues softly caressed
as our heads turned slightly bent.

she taught me how to kiss a woman
i never imagined so much passion
the most perfect kiss i ever had
forever i remember her lesson.

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    This Poems Story

    Very true story. She was a beautiful Asian girl who eventually went off with a guy from college. But i must say from that point on, every girl i kissed, loved the way i did it.