My Flower Child

Hello my flower child,
I really enjoyed how you smiled,
I admit I really wish I could stay,
Without you everything seems so gray,
But to you its just child's play.
I'll be heading towards the hallway,
Passing by all those faded colored doors,
And finally exiting the building,
The building that first introduced me to sadness,
But yet also happiness.
Look there it is the parking lot where we first met,
The parking lot that I first fell in love with you in,
I remember all of it as if it were yesterday.
We both had cancer sticks locked around on our fingers,
Imagining about how we'd be living happily by ourselves,
And I guess your wish came true.
I'm out of your life,
It was time to let you go free.
I really will miss those beautiful brown eyes,
When they shimmered and shined with tears in your eyes,
Oh how they sparkled when you wore a gown.
You were the princess of the most beautiful things on this earth,
And I remember how you use to wear a flower crown,
You'll always be my flower child,
And I'll always be looking over you no matter what.
I'll see in another life.
The child of the universe

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