My Friend and I

I do not like the word love.
The way it is used implies so much,
The word love comes with too much pressure,
Love was taught to be an all or nothing,
Love was shown to be pain and suffering:
Love looked like it hurt.

My whole life love looked like no fun

I was not in search of love growing up,
I did not want to find a forever that looked like that.
The word love complicates things I wish to be simple,

Many friendships ruined with falling in love.
I do not feel the same,
I do not want to fight for it,
I do not want to fight for nothing,

My new friend is with me,
This time my friend wants nothing from me.
I want to fight for this friend,
I want this friend to fight for me,
I want to fight for an everything.
I could see us being friends forever.

My friend and I dance to music that is not there,
My friend and I glance and giggle,
My friend and I share secrets,
I did not think it to be love,
We are just the best of friends.

I thought him to be my forever friend,
Always growing,
Always learning with said friend.

Being in love is having a friend,
Being in love is sharing secrets,
Being safe,
Being cared for.

I do not want to fight with you,
I want to be with you all the time,
A friend forever:
You are my friend:
My friend and I.

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