My Friend Paul had a Heart Attack

By Spock   

My Friend Paul had a Heart Attack

My good friend had a heart attack,
It was similar to mine.
I thought I’d write a poem for his,
For this was truly divine.

He asked me if I saw white lights,
Did you meet the god above?
I responded, no not me
No angels and no doves.

He said he rose above this earth
To a feeling oh so strong.
He didn’t understand the place,
He said he wasn’t there too long.

He said he remembers knowing
This place was where we go.
When we’ve done our life’s work
There’s so much more to know.

He wished the place would offer him a choice,
Could he stay or could he go.
He said he would have loved a chance
To continue on the new road.

His choice was made to not return
To his body and this life.
He shortly awoke in a hospital bed
With his family and his wife.

He now understands his mission
He accepts it without wings.
He says he sure of the importance,
Of all those little things.

We are all put here to serve in ways
That make a difference.
None of these are miracles
It’s more of a penance.

Every move we make in life
Changes other lives we touch.
The more we help our fellow man
The love returns to us.

I never seen him more at peace
Or maybe it’s a glow.
He looks at life in a different way
A lesson we all should know.

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