My Friend the Beauty Queen

She hates what she sees.
On the pane of glass that shows a reflection of "Me"
She cries and she screams.
She says, " I am sorry mother that I am not a Beauty Queen."
So she tears at her seams.
And loses herself in a slow stream.
People wear two masks
One nice.
One mean.
The monsters use it to build up their self esteems.
They crush her dreams.
Because they are all tunnel visioned it seems.
They say that you must love yourself before others can love you.
But people don't allow her to love the reflection she sees.
Because they hate
And create a fake image of what she should be.
Then they print photo shopped magazines.
They say, "Buy the makeup!
Buy the facial cream!
This will make you look lean!"
Why do they do this to her?
This idea we have created is cruel.
And mean.
People wear two masks.
One nice.
One mean.

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