My Friends

By N.A.   

Few more days and the school life ends
No words can explain how much to me it meant
I never thought on its ending I would lament
But how could I not when I’ve got such good friends

Can never forget Manisha and all the things she did for me
Though she’s pessimist and takes everything in extreme
But helping, caring and understanding at heart
The only person who made my 11th tolerable in Dewan

Though our choices differ on many things
And I may not like the change Radhika’s displaying
But I want to remain friends forever
Can find anyone even a bit like her never

The only one who won’t give me any depression
Antra doesn’t make mountain of her problems
Barely understands double meaning of everything said
The most easy going friend I think I’ll ever have

Shruti Juneja is also another piece
Who became my friend after she joined VMC
Can talk to anyone for any length of time
Who taught me how to smile when inside I may be dying

No matter what he’s doing, he’s always ready to help
Doesn’t open up easily but that’s not bad I can tell
Akshay’s the innocent one, the one like a child
Who is full of energy and full of life

Namit used to be happy and fun to be around
But then things changed and he’s not like that at all
He’s become more senti and moody by the passing of days
Though I think he’s trying very hard to mend his ways

The techno geek friend of mine is the one called Dhaval
Can talk nonstop when not sleepy and worships Steve Jobs as his idol
Very friendly but also gets upset very fast
When he’s in a bad mood you better disturb him not

The only friend of mine whom I’m not able to describe
Though have talked to Rishabh- numerous times
At first he may seem quiet, obedient and disciplined
But he’s just like any other normal kid once you get to know him

Apart from these 8 there are many other friends I’ve got
Though I like to think of them as acquaintances as we haven’t talked a lot
Sure there hasn’t been a party where they weren’t present all
But we’re more like classmates coz’ maybe I don’t mix with the lot

I’ll start with Naman, Kanishth, Shreyas aka Gattu
Then comes Skand, Amit, Akshat urf Chottu
Then there is Priyanki, Aanchal, Anmol and Saumye
The only one’s remaining now are Aikansh and Atrey

When we are together all hell breaks loose
We forget we come to study in school
Will always be glad that I met them all
Wish in the same college we all could enroll.

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This Poems Story

This poem is a sort of tribute to those people who were my close friends when I was just about to start college.