My Gallant Darling

You came into my life when I needed someone most,
Filling my heart with complete bliss, and in my life, you gave me hope.
I could never dream of the day that I ever lose you,
For if that day is to ever come, I wouldn’t know what to do.
Deep within my soul, you vanquished all my pain,fear, and sorrow,
Leaving a warm, bright smile on my face, leaving me hopeful for tomorrow.
A rare, yet strong, and everlasting type of love,
That soothed my soul, easing my troubled mind, as warm and gentle as a turtle dove.
Not many will ever understand why you walking into my life was kind of startling,
However, those up above heard me crying, pleading out, for them to send me a man, someone to love, thus, they sent me you, My Gallant Darling.

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This Poems Story

A description to the man that came into my life.