My Garden

i walk to my garden every morning.

i look and admire all of the beauty i see and think about how my wonderful flowers can’t see how amazing they are.

i go to my faucet and fill up my pail.

i walk to each and ever one and carefully drizzle the water over them. some need more than others.

i am in my garden from sunrise to sunset.

sometimes i take too much time watering and caring for one flower that i don’t get to the all of the others. it’s ok though, i’ll get to them too.

i pick the weeds from my garden.

i know that for some of my flowers they will grow right back around them, but if they do, i’ll just go pick them again.

i go to fill up my pail and nothing comes out sometimes.

when this happens i stay with my flowers and tell them a story, and by then i try again to fill up my pail again and it works.

it’s often times my flowers that water me.

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