My Garden Sweetheart

Splashes of garnet, coral, pale gold
images of grace, beauty behold.
Gems finely cut, jewels lovingly wrought
treasures like these are long after sought.
Faces of fragile, soft, velvet skin.

Shoots of vibrant jade, peridot, sea green,
springtime in glory, tranquil, serene.
Rigid and strong; still yet graceful and fair
clasp their prizes with ever tender care.
Emerald green necks that incline their charm.

Points like cold iron, titanium, steel.
To careless hands, this guard will not reveal
it's treasure, it's prize, he stands unyielding.
His blushing maiden he shall be shielding.
A barb, a prick is for those who care not.

For she is a most sweet lady to win;
face to the sun, a smile is within.
Rosy are her cheeks, soft is her perfume.
Her dress lies round her, a blossom to bloom.
Her blush, her glow is my garden sweetheart.

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