My God-mother

Today's time was about 12:45p.m.
I received some bad news about my god-mother.
I was informed by that she was in the hospital.
Asking what the room number was is all that crossed my mind.
My hands was shaking and heart beating was a sign.
A sign that I need to go visit her.
About 45 minutes later I made it to go see her.
My first thought came to mind was to remember the room number.
The second thing was to ask the desk clerk to be sure.
Going to the gift shop was next in line.
Next I proceeded to the elevator to get to her room.
The nurse asked what room number are you looking for?
Room 3027 was my response.
I would've been heartbroken if i hadn't seen her.
Because to myself I made a promise.
to go visit her if she ever gets sick again.
I prayed to God please don't let anything extreme be wrong with her.
I'm glad to have seen my acquaintance today.
And I prayed to God that he watches over her .
while she's in the hospital I will check in on her.
I pray that her test results come back good.
And I also pray that God helps me to hold my composer together.
I wouldn't know what to do.
My life just wouldn't be the same without her.

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