My Grandfather, My Hero

I wish I could go back and change the life I've lead,
And be the good grandson that you deserved instead,
It was you who really raised me, and taught me to be a man,
But I promise you that one day I will be better than I am,
Growing up I looked up to you, and wanted to be you one day,
A hard working, honest man, who always knew what to say,
You were always there for me, no matter what I had done,
If you thought it would make me smile, you would move the sun,
You always had my best interest in mind, even when I didn't myself,
Always there with arms wide open, whenever I needed help,
You're the strongest man I've ever met,physically, and your heart,
Motivated and determined, you would see an end to every start,
Not a man alive could outsmart you, you always had a solution,
And has now came to pass, seems not real, but an illusion,
I'm sorry I have not grown into the kind of man to make you proud,
You always have, and will be my hero, even it's never said allowed,
Memories of "grandpas little dude" are very painful, very far,
My only wish is to one day be only half of the man that you are,
It eats me alive how much I've disappointed, hurt, and let you down,
Because you were the one always there, when no one else was around,
The Best Grandfather anyone could ask for, shoes only you can fill,
I want you to know I love you I always have, and I always will,

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