My Greatest Fear

I lay awake,
Staring upon the darkness above me.
Sleep frightens me;
Closing your eyes
And letting your subconsciousness
Control your every movement
Makes me uneasy.
It lets your guard down,
Annihilating any chance in defending
Against the dangers of this hellish world.
It reminds me of death--just not forever.
I can hear the hot flames of Hell coming to get me.
Or is it the pearly gates of Heaven
That fish for my tiny, little soul?
Either alternative sends fear to consume me,
As the concept of an inevitable forever,
Cannot stop glaring at me through the mirror.
I see the sound of silence,
Dark as the night that surrounds me.
I just want it to be day,
So the beautiful, golden savior of my nights
Can rise above that evil darkness,
And let me be awakened.

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