My Greatest Hell

Why did you cast me into darkness when you had brought me into light?
Why must you bring down my joy to a place of woe?
Why do you pull me in close, only to lock me out?
Have you not listened to me,did you not here me say I am afraid?
Are you a reaper stretching out your dark hand pillaging my heart?
Why am I always a victim of convenience, why am I so easily let go?
Do you not remember my words?
Did you not see fear in my eyes?
Can you not feel the dark void in my heart?
Why do you shut me out?
Have I not kept my promises to you, are you left so unaware?
Can you not feel my fear as if it were your own?
Must I crawl upon the ground, must I weep bitter tears?
Please do not leave me alone, do not abandon me to silence.
Please protect me from my fears.
You ask so much of me, yet you cast me into deafening silence...
to the place where my fears rip at my heels like rabid dogs.
Why must you exile me to my fears?
What more can I offer you?
What more can I freely place at the foot of your throne?
Must I always walk this road alone?
Must I always live in proverbial darkness?
Must I always lye in wait for convenience in order to see light?
Like those before you, you have left me in silence.
It is in the silence where I experience my greatest hell.

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