My Green

Truth is not the same for you as it is for me
After all your blue could be my green
Our ability to interpret
And determine whats right
Isn't our ability to distinguish dark from light
Its not as simple as that
Its not black and white
Its layers and layers of experience and time
Whats right for me may not be to you
But thats okay so long as we respect others points of view
Collaboration is how we progress
Not insisting that my opinion is an illogical mess

Just because I came from your sperm does not mean you own me
Im not talking about in terms of the law
Im talking about in the way you know me
You pummel ideals out of your mouth to rile and belittle
Not thinking of the effects on the individual

I wish you could see me as some others might
And I know I can't read their minds
But I know Im right
When I say
I know there's one called Julia that loves me like no other
I know there's one who has protected me like a big brother
I know a man who is brilliant beyond belief
I know those I can turn to for relief
I know things that you don't
Though you'll never admit it

I never said I was smarter than you
I know you probably have the higher IQ
But I will stand for what I believe to be right
I will stand and put up the fight
Take your attention so the young ones can flee
Say the right things so all your amo is directed at me

I know you think Im wrong and that one day Ill change
But the sweetest victory for me is that Ill always be the same
No matter how torn or bruised I may be
Ill still rise to your next challenge until Im free
Free from this prison you disguised as a home
I just hope when Im gone
You may be less prone
To this arrogant and terrible understanding that the person never mattered
That every civil rights movement was just a jab at political power
I hope your mind may be cleared to see the beauty in all things
Forget inherent value and enjoy human beings
Love people from who they are and beg them to always be
That beautiful soul that one day you'll finally see
I hope you'll look beyond appearance to the hope and light I see

I hope one day you'll s things as I have
Then maybe our truths may coincide
Until then your truth may not be truth to me
And your blue will be my green

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Too often fact and opinion are confused. Never compromise what you believe just because someone else is telling you that they are smarter so their opinion is more correct.