My Guardian Angel

On my way to the end of the black woods
I was walking as fast as I could
I came upon a screwy place
A spacious open wide space
Black as far as I could see
An only giant dark black tree…
Telling me to turn back and gallop
But that is not what made me stop
Near the roots of the kooky tree
There was something I could not un-see
A glowing white angel with a broken feather
Like a ray of sun in a gloomy weather
Laying on the ground wincing in ache
Looked as beautiful as a first fallen snow flake
I reached near-by and asked all shocked
Still not touching him to see, if he talked…
Poor white soul you don’t belong here!
You’re supposed to be flying in the air…
And stay away from this place full of demons
Where souls and darkness are sold in tons…
You are not but we are the ones
Who deserve to live with these Satan’s sons…
Wake up pious soul and be on your way
I would help you but I can’t stay…
As this place is giving me quiver
And leaving you alone is making me shiver…
But the divine reverent soul did not move
And this put me in a heart wrenching groove
I wanted to make sure he was fine
And he, still not moving, was chilling my spine…
After spending a long time calming my heart
I gathered the courage to touch, this masterpiece of art…
I reached out my hand and touched his feather
It was smoother than the space of ether
And soft as soft as a bed of clouds...
Giving a feel to be in an airy shroud!
But it was all for that fraction of a second…
When I realized that I’ve beckoned…
A red eyed, black teethed, clown faced devil
My screaming were making him revel
He ripped my heart out and turned it into stone
Then he laughed in an uneven tone…
All the surroundings now vanished
And from my life, I was banished…
I now live in a beautiful cage
Burning always in my own rage…
The devil still visits sometimes
And tell me the stories of his crimes
He likes it when I scream in pain
And my efforts to soothe are all in vain
My heart that will never be real
And the eternal loss of my zeal
To live in this ugly world
And now as I’m curled
In the cage of its darkened days
I imagine if somebody ever stays
With the innocence they come into this terrain
Where by angels, sweet hearts are slain.

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