My Happy Place

all my life i've heard of a special place
where everyone is together like two ends of a shoelace
where lollipops grow from the ground
and are eaten when found

there's no bullying in these parts just so we're clear
and there's no reason for people to have fear
but i guess this is just a dream
better then coming up with an evil scheme

I can't stand that this isn't real
and that there's people out there that have to beg for a meal
food and shelter should be easier to receive
maybe my happy place will come true if i just believe

just use my imagination concentrate as hard as i can
making this a real place is my best plan
where i have achieved world peace forever
and now fighting will happen never

unfortunately this will never come true
so my heart will be eternally blue
all the money in the world wouldn't buy this place
just hoping for it is a slap in the face

it's just a special place from my head
in this place there's no reason for tears to shed
this will never happen i guess that's my case
but ill always think of this happy place

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