My head

As I woke up I been to think I’m spineless
For never having courage to get this off my mind
My heart says otherwise so that’s who listen to because I can hear it. She’s really mad when I go against her wishes
But my mind plays so many tricks I don’t know if it’s her or him talk to me. But she keeps me up past 6 telling me I should stay up to the birds chirp.
But he tells me to lay my ass down and count sheep
I’m always fighting a battle between all of us in this one bedroom seeing I’m the only one who pays rent. She Turn the lights on and off. Decorate our home but they make the rules
So I am spineless my back look like the summers watermelon.
My toes considered even running away
You don’t even know how hard it’s to type this dealing with my heart and my mind plus myself .
All she wants is for me to curl up and ball
And entertain her she hates sundays -Thursday’s see those days I have to work and ignore her my ANIEXTY HATES ALL OF YOU BECAUSE SHES SELFISH.

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