My Headline

I don't watch the news
I find it disturbing
I don't want to know about everything unnerving
I would much rather live in a world of pretend
Where everyone is kind and life has no end
The sadness and mayhem
My heart just can't handle
I prefer to turn it off and light a candle
And pray for the sick and the people in need
Or go out to my garden and plant a little seed
I know life is hard--I am not blind
But I also feel there is so much beauty to find
So for me this is how I choose to live
I want to save my soul so I am able to give
Life is difficult--I know this for sure
But for me I just need to be able to endure
I want to live my life with a light heart
So I am sorry news but I won't let you pierce it like a dart

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This Poems Story

I am a happily married stay at home mom to two daughters. Since becoming a mom, I have become more aware of what is on the news and how my children process it. I wrote this poem to express my disappointment with how the news is presented and my desire to shield my daughters and myself from the negativity.