My Heart Beats

love is the whispers in the night time.
the secrets of a forgotten time
The humming of a wire deep inside
love is in the heat of a kiss
the touch of a cool hand on heated flesh
my heart beats
I breath in the sharp edges of the world
and I know the secret word
to open doors to infinity.
we're meant to be
and its plain to see to nobody but me.
and my heart beats to a broken tune
repeating over and over,
and I'll sit here and pretend im sober
sober enough to still love you.
after all you have done
my mind reels and my heart thumps painfully in its cage
set me free
let it all go
because everyone can see
what you meant to me
though you pushed me aside
I still forgave all the times you lies
but enough is enough
and you'll want me more once im gone
but ill just leave you with am empty song

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