My Heart Is Falling Apart

To the one i love

I love you from the start
But i feel deep inside we are falling apart.
We have been together for 4 years
And after the first year i have been nothing in tears
We fight and call each other names
And i am always to blame
But its not me, it's you
i want to know why i am singing the blues.
Sometimes, you think our relationship is good but it's not
I am the one who is real and you are not
You lie to me and i don't know why
but deep inside all i do is cry
But i am the girl who is down to ride
I have been by your side through thick and thin
Even when you were in the jail
and nobody was there to the end
These past few days you have been pushing me away
i don't know why but i want you to stay
I love you with all of my heart
but deep inside i feel like we falling apart.
There is alot more to say
i am going to keep it deep inside for another rainy day.
I love you baby 4 ever

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