My Heart Never Forgets

Your eyes show nothing but pain,
You’re trying to hide it with a smile, all in vain.
They remind me of Lucy, my old bestie;
She loved her treehouse, which she dearly called “Nestie”.
We tried our best to sort things out,
But that’s just what others want to go about.
They never listen to us, they don’t understand our sorrow.
The only thing they want is our money they want to borrow.
I don’t know why I’m falling so hard,
Maybe because we’ve broken apart.
I guess I should come to a stop,
But then you come onto my head’s top!
We scream, we cry, we know each other.
We laugh, we play, nobody needs to bother.
My pup, your kitten, even they play together;
Why can we not be as playful as they are, forever?
And then we confront a big leap, that takes you away from me,
And then I’m left, all alone; with no sign of glee.
Then I run, from here to there, looking for my friend,
And finally, all I find, is that our story has come to an end.
I find myself in the midst of a forest, all alone and scared.
And there was a man approaching, with buffed limbs all haired!
I scream at the top of my voice, “Help! Help!”.
But the man just turned away, leaving me to yelp!
By now, I felt a few drops of water on my head.
I looked around helplessly, I needed a sort of shed!
I found shelter, in a cave; although, till then I was damp.
I could see nothing, so I started looking for a lamp.
I went deep inside the cave, to find a big shining diamond.
After the rainbow appeared, I rushed to the jeweller, Mr. Raymond.
He said, “Oh dear! That’s such a pricely one!
Can you sell this to me for, dollars one million?”
I was stunned, not knowing what to say;
After a few minutes of deep thought I said, “That’s a deal! I’m okay!”
Then I went to the city, looking for our house.
All I found was a construction site and a tiny little mouse!
I got an estate agent and looked for a small cottage.
And, fortunately, I found a house, suitable for my age.
Now, this house has two rooms, a bedroom and a kitchen.
I’ve also made arrangements, for my pup and your kitten!
I stay in the house, with entertainment from our growing pets.
But I still miss you, a person my heart never forgets!

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