My Heart Tells Me Why By Ladyang

You can say this, Today was a reminder of what i missed
and was told that i no longer exist.
The pain I feel For once i can't resist. But Knew that
it would soon come to this.
My feelings i thought was once something that mattered,
Then it all became a shatter,
As i watch you fight for your Life made me think right
there it matters
for you to hold on and Live
and climb that ladder
I never felt You do this Even Now,
The Bond we once had Turn into the crowd , With no scenes ,
No Passion because i let you down
But when i replenish. my heart I finally found
when you weren't around, I figure to myself I was Bound,
To do great by You and Live My Life
To perfection and still stand my ground
I live everyday and i tell myself i must stay.
I was ask to pray, and when i did ,
i was allowed to have those i love, Live another day.
so what this all means,
I have feelings that only a true friend can Redeem,
You have that and You have also seen,
My True self , That i would do anything, especially
ending days to make sure my Dream goes on as a
Legend,is what it will Be

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