My Hero: The Gift of Love

All I know is, that brilliant light is distant and darkened, and im being weighed down far beneath the surface by what feels like miles of murky turmoil. Separating me from finally being where I belong. A genuine peace and euphoric contentedness that I had been unknowingly longing and searching for since I had started the cold, hopeless, eternal descent. Away from the light. Oxygen being starved from my brain. Almost deafening. Then, just as I finally gave up the fight, and accepted the everlasting darkness as my own, I hear my name... Somehow reaching me in the place I thought was my only fate.. where I thought no one could or would try to find me. But that voice grabbed ahold and embraced my soul and raised me up. Towards the light. Breaking free of the heavy waters and forever enveloping me in that sweet blinding illumination. With just one word, muttered by just one voice. I open my eyes just as i reach the surface and begin to breathe in sweet light: My hero. The words, "I love you", dont even begin to sum up my gratitude.. Thank you, my hero, for giving me the light.

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