My Hero

A hero is someone we look up to
A hero is someone who saves us too
God is the hero in my life
God is the hero that I like
No matter what I say or do
My hero comes to see me through
God always put up with my mess
Although I put him through the test
If you don't know my hero God--
He's the one who saved our lives
By giving up his only son
So we can live and have some fun
God has never judged me
Or called me out by name
God has only loved me and he loved you just the same
All I do is ask him, give the highest praise,
And throw my hands to Heaven
For that I will be saved!
If you really trust him
And believe inside your heart
You will see your blessings
Right from the very start
So now you know my hero
My hero's name is God
'Cause he's the one who saved me,
So I can live my life

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