My History

Once I was five.
I was a crazy dinosaur loving guy.
It made me so stressed.
That a girl glued me to a desk.

Not too long ago I was ten.
And all my powerful zen.
Made me think I was made of lead.
Then I fell down and hit my head.

Sometime ago I was twelve.
I thought I was stalked by elves.
So I sent Santa a note of dread.
Do not let the elves use the sled.

Soon I'll be sixteen.
Showing of a new license I'll be.
Hopefully with a really nice car.
So I'd be certain to show off its charm.

Sometime I'll be twenty one.
So then I can have adult fun.
Hopefully there are no DUIs.
Or else I think I'm going to cry.

One day I'll be thirty.
With my wife and family.
But if my kids are like my wife.
I'll need to keep the fire department on speed dial.

In the future I'll be sixty.
My legs would probably be iffy.
But with grandchildren I'll be.
And I'll make them call me Poppy.

I might get to eighty.
I'll probably live in a retirement home.
My wife might bug me about my pants.
I think I'll take my chance.

We will have many family reunions.
And we will play many games.
And the family tree together again.
We will please our ancestors then.

The time will come when I will die.
Hopefully at my service there is no pie.
I am telling you this is no lie.
I love my life and wife and shoes.
And most likely my family too.

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