My Human Nature

The World is still beautiful
I’ll promise this to my very last breath
I was nurtured at my worst moments
Something from the sky suddenly said, “I love you”
At the time, I felt like an empty shell holding a soul
A hand reached across to me in the middle of my storm
My human nature was freaking out on me
I wanted to love, but my heart was still an open wounded mess
To save my soul, it would take a miracle
Well, that’s exactly what happened
Magic is still out there
The Living God has turned modern
Finding new ways to spread the word
Of His Love still being here on this Earth today
I got a rainbow as a message
My addiction chased me to staying up all day and night on an island
It was there when I saw something incredible
The first rainbow to appear in front of me since I read the Biblical story of Moses
I finally understood His promise still exists
My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky
And there one was, and to me alone it was speaking
From the sky, I heard, “I’m going to do something great with your existence”
I believed, and I believed, and I believed
God sent me a miracle in the sky that morning
I began to turn to His nurturing
It was the best choice I made since I decided to taste bacon
He showed me a beauty I’d never seen before
My heart opened up like a blossoming flower
In His power, I could loathe in forever
But this poem I must get moving back to the beat
I’ll be singing this World is still beautiful
With each and every lasting breath

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