My Human

I've seen the depths of man's despair
vacant stares and hollow hearts
yes I see you've rescued me
but who will rescue them?

Endless days and sleepless nights
gunpowdered and on edge
I've fought for sleep quite literally
in anguish I rest my head

You wonder why, my human
I dare not trust a man
You wonder why, my human,
and I will tell you this

I've seen with my eyes and felt with my fur
the horror of a fight
rabid mouths
and rancid claws
yet these humans
still they cheer
they've made their bets
and dug their graves
now lie in them they must

My human, you wonder why
now I suppose you know
leave your arms, I shall not
you rescued me,
now it's my turn to rescue you.

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This Poems Story

My dog, one of the lights of my life, was a rescue. She was hurt and fought where she came from, this is her story.