My Ideals

In the makings of our decisions
We have relations to our imaginations
Vision of allusions that consist of deliverance from our deep desires
However at times we fail to thrive for that long lasting image
As a result We convert in such locations of contrite
In our minds we battle the situations
Conflicted with unwelcome allegations
Thoughts contributing to should we do actions given by our conscious
Or have affiliations counteracting that is of our rebellious ideals
A mind of creation without fear of re-consideration
Is something that we want
But cation is our life's classification
More so for a better understanding
A simple summery includes me in its reflection
I want to be part of something outspoken
Combining words into sentences that flourish through my references
I feel as though I got a soul intertwine with the vocals of gospels
May I say lift upon a sorrowful civilization
But deep down second guessing my choice of words
Have and still is formulating within my conscious
With flock of birds suggesting my philosophies are without reason
Especially with such low finances
Therefor unsuccessfully you, who is I shall be meaningless
Without further education they will see you as ignorance
These are the doubts, the visions through my imaginations
The thoughts and self conflict given in my conscious

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