My Inner Child

She is there, I know she is
but I cannot seem to find her.
She went away when that shadow of his
had snuck up behind her.
She disappeared that awful night
like a vapor in the wind.
Who could blame her, her flight
when he set upon her his sin.
For years, she was in hiding
too ashamed to show her face,
feeling as if she was dying
when his shadow claimed her space.
There came a day the clouds had cleared,
she stood there before my eyes.
She's finally home, she reappeared
and we held each other and cried.
We thought his sin was ours to bear,
the embarrassment and shame.
But no, his wrongs we do not share,
he is the only one to blame.
So now we giggle and carry on,
no longer the need to hide.
We celebrate and we have fun,
happy to have survived.

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