My Insomnia

It's time to sit and think things through,
Decide what's next, what should I do.
I was once a man where forgivness reigned.
Never one to cause others pain.
Now I struggle, I see a darkness from the inside,
Clouding my vision and my thoughts.
An archaic storm of evil, hatred, pain and sadness.
A tunnel vision of vengence narrowing by the second.
I fight with all I have to let go, forgive, understand,
But my hellish demon keeps whispering,
Taunting me, encouraging the darkness.

Shove him aside close my ears and eyes.
Think once again with logic and compassion.
Remember how things were.How it used to be, how it was!
Hold on to that thought so tight.
So tight u almost believe it can be real.
What was, can be what is!!!
That's about the time things get blurry,
The outside world gets so small.It's so hard to breath.
My heart races and my hands tremble.I must check myself now!!!!
Hells furry overtakes all logic and compassion.
The desire to embrace my demon, and burn all that was
Straight to the ground, Forget what was,Forget what is,
Forget all except the beautiful flames in front of me.
Then maybe I can sleep

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