My island

I stand alone on an island of dreams,
where everything is just out of reach and nothing is what it seems.
I stare into the night sky and wish upon a star.
I know that all my wishing won't get me very far.
The morning brings the sun, but it can't warm my heart.
My sadness takes over, it's tearing me apart.
Will there ever come a day when I have a different view,
or will I forever be surrounded by an ocean of blue.
Why do i lose every game I play.
Why do the clouds always darken my day.
For once I wanna see the sunshine,
or a rainbow in the sky that I could call mine.
I didn't ask for all this pain,
it weighs on me heavily it's making me insane.
Is there anyone out there who understands.
I don't want to be alone in this barren land.
Trudging though taking it day by day,
maybe one day I'll actually have a say.

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