My Juliet

She came when I needed her most.
When I needed a friend she was there,
But oh how she is more than that.
I hope,
I cry,
I pray,
I plea,
That maybe,
Just maybe,
She will love me.
Countless have I lied awake staring into the night sky.
Her eyes twinkle like stars and her beauty exceeds that of the moon.
Will she ever feel the same for me?
I want to say yes, but it is unlikely.
The highest of queens could never love a lowlife like me.
The moon cannot exist in the same sky as the sun.
When I lose the moon I cry,
I wonder why
She had to go.
Why can't she stay?
Why can't I hold her forever in my arms
Never to let go?
For some the moon is cold and barren,
But to me her warmth and beauty is more than the sun.
She seems so close but she is so hard to get.
I don't know if I will ever get
My sweet,
Sweet Juliet.

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