My King

My King, your life is worth living

My King your life is worth living
Live to be what people can’t see
Live to escape the mental slavery
Free your mind from the self-hate that is expected by and from our people
Live to understand that we are all equal
Take a minute to learn that the past does not always define
but it is there to simply remind
How powerful, strong and knowledgeable we are
Yes we were poor, yes we were enslaved
The Almighty God opened the door and gave us a way to be saved
The time has come for us not to fight
but to stand up strong and learn to untie
"Unity is strength" that is our Haitian Motto
The first black country to fight and free itself from slavery
We came together and said "dats it" - we will be free and fight until they call it quits
Our men are Kings, brother and father's
Our women are Queens, sisters, and mothers.
No longer will we stand and watch our mothers cry
while the system locks up our future kings and fathers because they are in plain sight
Don't let the queens become crack feens and the abusers use the bodies of our teens
Our people perish because they know not - senseless deaths with bodies in nameless plot's
Knowledge is power, education is key- we must have the power to spread the knowledge that will set us free
Have the sense to see through the nonsense - so the life of our brothers won't be much of an expense
Don't procrastinate, live to educate and help the life of the black man elongate
Speak like the King you are
Dress like the King you are
Walk like the King you are
Lead like the King you are
Be the King that you’re destined to be because only you can set your mind free.
Live humble but true in everything that you do
Put God first and watch it all come together for you
Aspire to inspire to put out that fire that is killing our brothers
Seek to light the fire that will heal our mothers.
Don't be a statistic, just be realistic because you alone have the key to open the mental lock and set yourself free.

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My son is a King - in today's world, you have to speak positively over the life of your children.