My King: A Love Poem

You are the air,
When it gets hard to breathe,
You are the blood transfusion,
That brought new life to me,
A heart once torn by pain,
You made whole,
Once again,
If you were to hear my heart,
You would hear it speak your name,
With every single beat,
If you were to look into my soul,
You would see yourself reflected,
In robes of richest violet,
And a crown shining upon your head,
You would see yourself upon a glorious throne,
In a glorious castle,
Of marble stone,
You are my strength,
When I am too weary to fight alone,
You are my weakness,
In that I cannot resist you at all,
No-one can replace,
The love I hold for you,
You are my all,
My sweet man,
My loving King.

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