my knight

Ive never in my life felt this kind of pain
I never thought I would never again hear
Your voice calling my name
This pain is to much to bear
My hear is about to tear
My love for you is beyond true
My heart aches with each passing moment
My heart longs to hear your voice
Why does this happen to me
My knight was my true love
My heart is long gone
Without my knight
I know my heart will never love again
My eyes are moist with sorrow
My heart hurts with sadness
My thoughts are only of him
Of my once knight in shining armour
I know my love will never sorrow
Its so hard with my fellow
My heart was smiling
When I heard you say my name
My heart raced when you took my hand
My thoughts went blank when your lips met
Then why does my heart hurt in defeat
I love my knight in shining armour
He was the very best to me
I wish he could see
Just how much my heart beats for thee
I want my knight to be with me
I wish I could hear my knight could speak to me
I love my knight in shining armour
Please come rescue me:(

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