My last breath

I tried to hold on but you were too low
I kiss you again and start to let go
I can see you are scared I am too
I don’t want you to fall I don’t want to lose you
I closed my eyes and the flashbacks appear
We made a promise “Never let each other fear”
Is this how I want to remember you? By letting you go?
The sweat between our palms slipped as I yelled “No!”
Adrenaline rushed from my head to my feet
I pushed down on the ground, I cannot be beat
My nails clawed at your wrists and your arm
I am trying to save you I mean no harm
A tear dropped from my eyes to your face
There was nobody around in the abandoned place
I pulled myself back to my knees on the ground
I couldn't hold you up, I couldn't hold a pound
My arms wobbled and I screamed in fear
I don’t want to let go I shed another tear
With all of my effort and all of my strength
I thought I pulled you closer we were at arm’s length
My heart skipped a beat and I know yours did too
I can’t fight much longer and I can’t lose you
I was so happy, I didn't feel myself slide
As soon as I noticed that’s when I cried
My knees are at edge and your life is too
I can’t let you go I look at you
I squeezed harder and harder as you slipped away
I took in one last breath and I called it a day
I was scared and hopeless and you were too
I let go of your hand whispering “I love you”
We fell together landing in death
I told you I loved you with my last breath.

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