My Last Love

Love you always and forever. In my heart there's always my kids and then you. Loved you when I was in lust and before I knew all of you. Loved you even more when I came to the realization that a piece of you was growing inside of me even if I didn't full heartedly want it. How you treated my boys and accepted them as your your own. I Fell even deeper when I had Kay and saw how in love and in awe you were with our little girl and how you were so gentle and protective of her thru out the years. Despite my flaws and fuck ups and yours. The truths, fights, lies, arguments, blowups and makeups. The promises some kept, some broken, the displays of affection and acceptance, the displays of disrespect and unloyalness. The late nights of wondering and all the things uncertain. For all the things said even when we didn't mean them and all the things we meant to say and wish me didn't. I loved you even when I couldn't or didn't know how to love myself. I thank you from my soul because in my lifetime you showed me what real life love is..... It isnt the fake and scripted ish you see on tv. Love takes a lot of work and it isn't always easy breezy and requires you to work hard at it and for it if it's really truly real love. It can hit you so hard out of nowhere that it takes your breath away and you don't know how to recover or how to react. But if it's something that both of you want it's nothing for both of you to take a strong deep lung filling gulp of air and fight thru the crazy ups and downs of this thing we call life no matter what obstacles may comes in the way death, insecurities, hurt, rumors, emptiness and etc and come out on top. Sometimes it may hurt but often it is very effortless. And sometimes you fall into it without knowing thats exactly where you wanted be, when you needed to be and with the person you needed and was destined to be with

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